A pair of Easy Edge chairs by Frank O. Gehry (b. 1929)

A pair of Easy Edge chairs by Frank O. Gehry (b. 1929)



Made in laminated corrugated cardboard and fibreboard.

Designed 1972 - this pair manufactured by Vitra in the 1980s.

No longer in production.

Gehry discovered that, by laminating cardboard, it was a surprisingly strong and resilient material. However, potential retailers took some convincing. Bloomingdale's needed proof that these designs were usable and could withstand weight. Gehry therefore had a VW Beetle photographed being supported by four of his Easy Edge Chairs. He also had a photo taken of an elephant standing on a cardboard table.

Bloomingdale's then needed proof that they were fire-retardant, concerned that they'd be a fire-hazard considering their material. Gehry did what they asked and had them fire-proofed, at which point, they were happy to put them out for sale. Gehry suggested to Bloomingdale's that the advertising campaign for his designs should read "This is the only furniture in Bloomingdale's that's fire-proofed".

After two months at Bloomingdale's, Gehry quit and pulled the line from the store.


Height 82.5 cm / 32 "
Width 35.5 cm / 14 "
Depth 55 cm / 21 "